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Experienced Legal Counsel

Neumann & Co. Law Offices is a new kind of law firm to address a changing world. Our staff includes senior lawyers with backgrounds from top law firms that choose the environment of a boutique law office.

At Neumann & Co. you’ll meet dedicated, service-oriented professionals. Gone is the experience of meeting partners and then afterwards being serviced by interns and associates. Your single point-of-contact at Neumann & Co. for all legal services is a partner who will work directly with you on your case. 

​Neumann & Co. Law Offices consists of a cross-discipline legal team ready to address the special needs of our clients. At all times you’ll receive services and representation from a senior lawyer, with the creative thinking needed to address your unique requirements as they pertain to current laws and legal rulings.

​At Neumann & Co. you’ll receive consistent, professional service, with each case given the top-level attention it deserves. An integral part of our service is to work closely with our clients so that you can make the right decisions regarding your overall interests.

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